reclaim your contaminated fuel

PETROKLEEN has been reclaiming every type of contaminated fuel for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on our Team’s; integrity, expertise and commitment to quality. Our objective is to provide cost-efficient, timely and environmentally conscious services that will serve as a positive impact to your business and the environment.

storage tanks

PETROKLEEN performs Man Entry, Inspections, Leak Testing, and Maintenance on every type and size of fuel tanks.

equipment & fleet reliability

Repair statistics show that 90% of diesel engine problems stem from contaminated fuel. The promise of eliminating 9 out of 10 potential failures should put fuel system maintenance at the top of your list.

fire code compliance & life safety systems

National and State fire codes require annual fuel sampling and annual maintenance of fuel systems for emergency power systems.

environmental compliance & responsibility

PETROKLEEN provides code compliant precision leak testing as well as fuel system inspections and analysis.


  1. Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning
  2. Fuel Transfer & Full Filtering
  3. Tank & Line Integrity Testing
  4. Tank Installation & Decommissioning
  5. Code Compliance Inspections
  6. Tank & Piping Repairs 

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Before and After

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